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Preschool Programs


Over the years we have expanded the WEE Learn Curriculum to accommodate the social, emotional and cognitive needs of our children according to Milestones of  Childhood Development as well as the recommendations and standards set by Virginia's Department of Education.

Each classroom is designed to encourage and promote social interactions  and learning through exploration and play.


Our children explore and experience the world around them through exciting field trips off campus or with special visitors who come to us.


Our preschool activities are enhanced by integrating:

  • Bible

  • Art

  • Music

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)


Children in the preschool program will engage in a variety of activities such as:

  • Learning about God, our Creator and Helper

  • Introduces to literacy, science and math concepts through dramatic play, stories,poetry and art

  • Refining fine motor skills while working with paints, crayons, blocks and other manipulative materials

  • Developing large motor skills through creative movement in music and outdoor recess

  • Promoting positive socialization skills such as sharing, taking turns, working and playing with others

Age 3 
Three Days
Five Days
Age 4 
Three Days
Five Days

Our 3-year-old program is offered three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, or five days a week, Monday - Friday. Our primary goal is to create an environment where the children feel both physically and emotionally safe to explore, experiment and experience God in the world around them as they are introduced to literacy, math, science and geography concepts through creative play.


Our attentive teachers come alongside the 3-year-olds encourage them as they grow and master new skills, equipping them with confidence for the next steps of their journey. 



Our 4-year-old program is offered either three days a week, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday or five days a week, Monday through Friday. The school year will be full of wonderful changes as our 4-year olds find their independence and develop their ability to problem solve through math, literacy, science, art and dramatic play centers.


Our primary goal is to help our 4-year olds find their words, both written and verbal, to express their emotions and their incredible discoveries along the way. Our loving teachers create an environment where the children feel they are physically and emotionally safe to explore and see mistakes are as excellent opportunities to learn and grow. Upon graduation, our greatest desire for each child in our care is that they can hold their head high with confidence that they not only have the skills for kindergarten, but that they are God’s most precious creation.

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